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"Thermal Water Battery" for PV Energy Storage is the Solutions for Our Sustainable Future. You Use it to Reduce Your Gas & Hydro Bills. 

The Benefits of Game-Changing "Thermal Water Battery" of enerpak SCMC systems

  • It Has Unlimited Charging Cycles & Capacities;

  • It Can Be Charged During the Days, and Used Anytime;

  • It Can Be Charged without a DC / DC converter;

  • It Allows You to Store and Spend PV Power Without a DC / AC Inverter;

  • It Increases the Energy Storage Capacity of a Solar Charge Maximizing Controller System by 10s KWH with a fractional cost of a LiFePo4 (LFP) Battery;

  • The Energy Stored in the "Thermal Water Battery" Can Be Used For Domestic Water Heating & Space Heating;

The Above Video Introduces the Game-Changing "Thermal Water Battery" for Solar Energy Storage in All Homes & Buildings.

  • Let's Explore the cutting-edge "Thermal Water Battery" technology that works seamlessly with our Solar Charge Maximizing Controller. Let's Experience how this unique approach eliminates the need for conventional large capacity battery banks and maximizes the efficiency of solar energy storage. Join us to understand how this simple yet effective system can empower your solar setup like never before.
  • "Efficient Off-Grid Solar Charging Made Easy with our Solar Charge Maximizing Controller!" - Are you looking for reliable off-grid solar solutions? Look no further! In above video, we present our Solar Charge Maximizing Controller that offers a simplified, inverter-less way to charge your "Thermal Water Battery" directly from solar panels. Experience the power of DC charging and learn how this controller optimizes energy usage, making it an ideal choice for remote locations and off-grid enthusiasts.
  • "Harness Solar Power with Our Solar Charge Maximizing Controller - Understanding the Technology!" - Dive into the technical aspects of our Solar Charge Maximizing Controller in the above 60 second informative video. From explaining the mechanism of cold water battery charging to showcasing, we provide a comprehensive overview of this groundbreaking technology. Join us on this educational journey to discover the endless possibilities of sustainable energy usage by watching all the educational videos on our YouTube Channel and sign up for the Udemy Course for a great discount of our products in the online storefront.
  • "Sustainable Energy Innovation - Solar Charge Maximizing Controller in Action!" - Experience the real-life application of our Solar Charge Maximizing Controller in the above captivating video. Witness how solar panels directly charge the "Thermal Water Battery" without relying on an inverter, all while capturing the PV energy from the sun. Get inspired and join the solar revolution as we showcase the incredible potential of this innovative controller for a greener, more sustainable future.

High Capacity Off Grid System's Typical APPLICATION 1

_PV FOR EV Charging & Food Cooking

Application of the SCMC System with large capacity of solar inverters supplying 240 VAC split phase power for off grid living with level 2 EV charging & range cooking capacity.

LFP Batteries, Solar Charge Maximizing Controller, MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, Inverters can be installed in the Fire-Rated, Ventilated & Semi-Heated Closet  located inside the garage of a Residential Home.  Up to 15KW solar arrays could be installed on the roof or anywhere closer to the garage without grid-tie approval. The Solar Charge Maximizing Controller System (SCMCS) has a capacity of 5.0KW per system. Up to 3 of SCMC systems may be installed for a detached home. It supports level 2 EV chargers (240VAC) with amperage range from 25 amps to  60 amps. The system supports a backup power load centre connecting cooking range (240VAC 40amps) or basic HVAC system components to maintain the home function in case of power outage. The system cuts electricity costs up to 60% in an existing grid-tie home, while charging EVs, and cooking food during the day for free, without a huge battery capacity.
off grid living with clean energy supply

High Capacity Off Grid System's Typical APPLICATION 2

_PV FOR Domestic Water Heating & Space Heating

Residential House & Small Building Applications of the SCMC System with sufficient capacity of off grid PV power for home space heating and domestic hot water heating. 

The system can be installed by D. I. Y.   enthusiasts, as well as solar professionals. As the video shows, The PV Energy can be stored in the preheating water tank without charging the LFP batteries. No inverter is required to charge the "Water Battery". The Energy inside the "Water Battery" (Preheat Hot Water Tank) can be used for domestic water heating and space heating. this is the foundamental changes on how we may used the PV energy froma solar array. 

Full Support to our clients are provided from enerpak. The support includes the system design recommendations, and the electrical wiring & system piping diagrams. Please use following "Contact Us"  form to connect with us.
off grid PV power for space heating