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The components of Solar Charge Maximizing Controller System  can be installed inside a shipping container for solar farm application

High Capacity Off Grid PV System 

PV (Solar Photovoltaic) Farm generating Green Hydrogen in the containerised stations up to 1.0 Kg per hour (11 cubic meter per hour) of hydrogen per system

The customized 20 feet container may include following components:

  1. Up to ten of ENERPAK 24VCN120A Solar Charge Maximizing Controllers;

  2. Ten of MPPT solar charge controller with 60 amps capacity each;

  3. Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with 20 KWH capacit; (may be increased, or decreased depends on solar array and hydrogen capacity);

  4. Minimum two of pure sine wave off-grid inverters with 3.0 KW capacity each for split phase 120/240vac power use in the container;

  5. Four or more submersible water heater 24v 600w & ventilation fans to maintain 30C ~ 40C at 80%~90% RH in the insulated containers;

  6. Humidifiers for the required water supply;

  7. PEM or AEM electrolyzers;

  8. Many MH cylinder cylinders for buffer, pressure booster, and storage cylinder; (cylinder size varies depends on the orders)

  9. H2 hydrogen water separator; water pumps, valves. gauges & switches;

  10. Control panel for hydrogen generating and pressure booster control, cabinet humidity and temperature controll;

The price & lead time varies, depends on the configurations details. Five years parts warranty included. The solar array (up to 50.0KW), 120v/240vac electrical panel, with installation are extra or by others. Please click on the button below for details. The larger and higher pressure hygrogen storage on farm is by others or extra.
All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.

High Capacity Off Grid PV System Products

Common Negative Solar Charge Maximizer Controller

Model Number: "24VCN120A+" & "24VCN120A"

("24VCN120A+" Maximizer disconnects charging relays automatically at nights)
(24VCN120A" Maximizer has both relays remain connected when ready for charging, so each solar panel in parallel shall have blocking diode built inside the panel)


  • Nominal Voltage: 24VDV (25.6 ~ 29VDC, Matching 24V solar energy storage battery or battery bank, and nominal 24V solar panels);

  • Maximum Charge Current: 120 Amps plus charging current from a MPPT solar charge controller of maximum 80 amps;

  • Maximum Power Capacity: 5.0 KWs per system;

common negative solar charge maximizing controller